About Us
Aljeeza steel pipes manufacturing company-Jordan was found in 2005 and began its involvement with tube and pipe industry in 2007. A full range of tubes and pipes manufactured from mild steel strips slitted from cold or hot rolled low carbon steel coils conforming to (BS 1387:1985 Light black) .the strip passes through a series of drive forming on multiple stages and takes the designed circular shape, it’s welded continuously by using high frequency induction method. the formed tubes passes through a sizing section where dimensional deviation if any are corrected or change the shape to square or rectangular before the tubes are cut into required length by automatic cutting machine.

Aljeeza participated in many conferences and festivals through the middle east in the last two years and planning to be an active member in the steel pipe industry, aljeeza SPM Co. is a member of mesteel (linking steel sellers and buyers in the Middle East).